Online Assessments/Exams


With eTrainCenter LCMS Solutions, you can create online assessments/exams. Our content management based solutions are excellent for distance education and distance learning programs. Multiple versions of an exam can be created.
View our demo to see how.


  • Exam versioning
  • Question versioning
  • Automated email triggers
  • Multiple question types
  • Certification assessments/exams
  • Exam feedback
  • Certification Management
  • Multiple attempt options

Testing options include:


Option details
Exam & Question Versioning & Beta Questions eTrainCenter supports multiple exam versions, as well as question versioning and beta questions.Beta questions are those that are scored but are not used in the final student grade. These are used to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of a question. Once approved, these questions can be "promoted" to production questions while retaining the reporting of the original beta question.
Question Formats:
  • Multiple Choice/One Answer
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answers
  • True/False
  • Short Answer (word phrases)
  • Matching
Randomize Questions and answers Randomly select questions from a bank of questions. (Optional)
Randomize question options (answers). (Optional)
Assign questions to Topics Assign questions to topics. You can also group questions by topics while randomizing questions within those topics.
Image & video options Add image or video to your questions.
Exam Feedback Multiple feedback options:
  • Display incorrect questions with question feedback
  • Display correct & incorrect questions with question feedback
  • Display Topic feedback
  • Study mode
Time Limit Time limits can be established for assessments. (Optional feature.)
Exam Question Security Question security can be set to restrict such options as screen printing, copying and pasting, accessing offline content, etc.
Multiple Attempts Assessments can be set to allow Multiple attempts - optional. Administrator can also allow users additional attempts if necessary.
Real-Time Grading and Certification Assessments are graded in real- time. An optional feature allows learners access to exam question feedback. Learners will receive an email with their grade and further instructions. If applicable, users will receive a printable certificate.
Email Testing Grading to Student and Administrator Users and administrators and will receive an email with grading results. (This feature is optional for administrators.)

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