Online Surveys


With eTrainCenter LCMS Solutions, you can create online Surveys.

Who should use it?

Anyone wanting to collect/ gather or capture information through the web might be interested. Both companies small and large and individuals. For both (scientific) research, non-profit and commercial use. Simple and complex webforms that are easily integrated with existing websites can be used for submitting information concerning subscriptions, conventions, meetings etc.


Besides creating surveys and (data entry or web) forms with the form builder and a CSS editor - to change the look and feel of the survey - you can start "online surveying campaigns". I.e with the tool you send invitation mails to a list or lists of email adresses. People will receive the message you create with the tool including a link or secure code to a particular survey you created and that can be accessed on the web (again through the tool/ website). Before you send the survey there is a Preview option. Mailing errors will be logged to check.

The results of the survey campaign can be tracked in different ways:
  • see the list of invited people
  • see the list of people who answered the survey
  • basic statistics per survey are available (e.g number of responses per day, last entry etc.)

Results & Reporting

Next you will have several (graphical) reporting options inside the tool and you have access to the individual results (read and edit options). There is an option to export the survey results (csv or text file) so you can work on it in other analysis tools. Also the other way around, previously export results can be imported back in for further use. There's a file manager to handle files that were uploaded by survey takers through a webform or survey. Once created questions and answers can be saved to Libraries where you can easily group them for reuse in any new survey.

View our demo to see how.


  • Multi pages support
  • Page navigation (previous / next)
  • User can save progress and resume later
  • Conditional branching rules based on answers
  • Conditional "thank you" messages based on answers, scores
  • Monthly statistics
  • Scored surveys to create quizzes, tests
  • Survey & question XML import / export features

Survey options include:

Option details
Question Formats:
  • Radio button selection mode
  • Check box selection mode
  • Dropdown list selection mode
  • Free text static question
  • Single or multiple selections matrix questions
  • Graphical bar chart results
  • Graphical pie chart results
  • HTML chart results
  • Detailed individual vote reports
  • Receive individual results on each completion through email
  • Admin can modify each individual report
  • Create conditional rules to filter your results
  • Cross tabulation results
  • Filter results by voter's languages
  • Set specifics date range for your results
  • CSV export of results
  • XML export of results

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