Back Office Interoperability

API (Application Programming Interface)

The eTrainCenter API allows your company's internal systems such as ERp or CRm to directly integrate with the LMS. The API consists of 2 methods to do this: Web Services and SQL Connection.

Web Services:

The Web Service allows you to maintain consistent user data that syncs with an existing system, such as an HRIS or CRM. Web Services include:

Method Description Returned Value
CreateUser() & UpdateUser() Create user & Update existing user Dataset
GetUser() GetUser by passing eTrainCenter StudentID, CustomerStudentID or Login Dataset
GetExternalCustomerList() Return an External Customer List. This is only available for Premium platform. Dataset
GetUserByLogin() Obtain User’s details by using their login. Dataset
RegisterUserForCourse() Register user for course/exam/Learning Path Dataset
GetUserCourseTranscript() Get a User’s course transcript. String
GetUserExamTranscript() Get a User’s exam transcript. Dataset
UpdateExamTranscriptImport() This is to be used during CRM/LMS integration. Update the following fields.
Updated: 02/01/2021

SQL Connection Access:

Companies can access their raw data (in ReadOnly format) and create their reports using their favorite reporting tool (via ODBC)

Classroom/Webcast Learning

Classroom & Webcasts

eTrainCenter also supports the registration of and reporting on classroom and webcast (course and session) learning.

Dashboard View

Registrations vs Completions

This chart shows the number of course and exam registrations per month versus the number of completions. This displays for a rolling 12 months.

Students Currently Logged In and Taking Courses/Exams.

This chart and data table show the students currently logged in and taking a course or exam.

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