Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Online Courses


eTrainCenter’s scalable learning management systems (LMS) allows businesses to manage, organize and deliver online
content with its web-based elearner solutions, managed through an administrator function.

The administrator decides the platform and format for which the online content will be administered. Our LMS
solutions include:


  • Online courses
  • Virtual Learning (Zoom, Google, etc.)
  • Certification Management
  • Online assessments
  • Online quizzes
  • Online surveys
  • Classroom-led learning
  • Role management
  • Multiple language support
  • Learning Paths

Self-Paced Learning.


Students learn at their own pace and can return to where they left off, if a course is not completed in one session.
eTrainCenter provides the LMS tools, guidance and structure to enable authorized personnel to deliver training
themselves – even if they have limited technical knowledge.

With eTrainCenter’s simple and intuitive LMS Solutions, anyone with an Internet browser and knowledge to share can
leverage the full power of eTrainCenter.

Learning Paths


Learning Paths are a container, packaging multiple courses or learning objects together. The Learning Path can be setup to
allow users to take the courses in any order or restrict to a specific order. If setup to restrict then any course within
a Learning Path would only be accessible by completing the course(s) before it.

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