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More information is available here, regarding eTrainCenter’s LMS and LCMS.


Resources & Documentation  
Compare LMS & LCMS Read "What's the Difference" between an LMS & LCMS.
Integrating LMSs with LCMSs Learn more about integrating LMSs with LCMSs.
eTrainCenter 3.2 Features The entire set of Product Features for eTrainCenter 3.2 are summarized in this document.
(Updated: Monday, March 4, 2024)
eTrainCenter How To Guide eTrainCenter How-To Guide lists common eTrainCenter functions. This is regularly being updated.
(Updated: Thursday, February 24, 2022)

End-User Guides

How to take a Courses How to take a Course (online and virtual). (PDF) How to take an Exam How to take an Exam. (PDF)
How to update my Profile How to update my Profile.

User Management

Add New User Add new user from the "My Reports" or "User Management". (Video 3:02 min.) Register user for a Course/Exam Register user for a course/exam from the "My Reports" or "User Management". (Video 2:05 min.)
Group/Team Management Manage Group/Team membership and properties External Customer Edit External Customer, Department, Portal Homepage, and assign courses/exams options.(PDF)
Role Management Manage Role membership and associated Permissions Role Permissions Manage Roles and Permissions. (PDF)
Extend expiration for a User Extend expiration for a User. (PDF) Assign authoring/reporting rights Assign authoring/reporting rights to a User. (PDF)
Merge Users Merge Users. Upload Users Upload users from text or excel file. (PDF)

Author Guides

Create Online Course Create Online Course (non-SCORM) using the eTrainCenter authoring tools. (PDF) Create Live Training Create live sessions such as Classroom and Virtual/Webcast training. (PDF)
Create SCORM Course This explains how to create a SCORM Course and upload the SCORM 1.2 or 2004 package. (Video 2:45 min.) Create Zoom Training Create live Zoom Virtual training. (PDF)
Create Online Exam Create Online Exam using the eTrainCenter authoring tools. (PDF) Create Online Survey Create Online Surveys. (PDF)
Adding audio to a page Adding background audio to a page. This uses the text-to-voice feature. (PDF) Adding video to a page Adding background video to a page. (PDF)

Administrator Guides

Shopify Integration You can create content and sell it on your Shopify store. The Shopify store will send the purchaser and course information to the LMS via Shopify Webhooks. Our technical support can assist with this setup. (Movie)

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