Tools to sell your Courses!


You are now able to upload your SCORM content or develop using the eTrainCenter Authoring Tools and sell your courses online. We will provide you with the tools to sell courses and collect funds. This is a turnkey solution to turning your training into a profit center. We currently support the following payment and store fronts:


eTrainCenter can link to your PayPal account for immediate funds transfer.

  • Create or upload your course
  • Set the sales price of your course.
  • Allow course to be sold online.
Paypal screen

You can create content and sell it on your Shopify store. The Shopify store will send the purchaser and course information to the LMS via Shopify Webhooks. Our technical support can assist with this setup.
One of the top eCommerce platforms, Shopify enables the creation of online stores, the listing of products, and online sales. It makes it possible to manage orders, products, and discounts. With a polished storefront, the Shopify POS application, and a credit card-accepting payment gateway the company sells training and online courses with the help of LMS with eCommerce on Shopify. When a new course is purchased in Shopify, students are automatically enrolled in the course in LMS.

  • Create or upload your course in the LMS
  • Create your product in Shopify, set the price and enter the LMS courseID as the SKU
  • Go to the Shopify/Settings/Notifications screen.
  • Create an "Order payment" webhook notification (we can assist with this)
  • You are now ready to sell on Shopify
Shopify screen

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